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Who We Are

We are dynamic and flexible team

We are a dynamic and flexible team of highly skilled professionals who joined forces to create a platform that will save money for shoppers while still making profits for our partner shops. We believe in win-win situations and also in exceeding the highest expectations of special offer shoppers and business partners. 

SpecialOffer.com helps shoppers search for amazing deals on products and services using keywords, predictive text or by category for relevant results on one single page for the best possible user experience.  We are committed to turning online shopping into a surprising, captivating and affordable experience for our users through the special offers we have daily. 

Our Mission

Every day we aim to inspire our users

Our mission is to guide you to a one-stop shop and become and help you discover special offers every day. Here you will find a multitude of products and services from known brands and shops.

Why They Love Us

I love the site I just bought my dream camera after months and months of looking for the best price for it. The special offer here was unbeatable!
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David Michaels

I’m quite an expert in online shopping, and I can honestly say their deals and offers are the best you will ever find. Keep up the good work!
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Natalie Sullivan

Can’t thank you enough for all the great special offers you have online every day!
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Melissa Donnelly


About Special Offer

SpecialOffer.com is a search engine aggregator helping consumers find online advertised products and services from Amazon, Google and other Top Brands with 100% relevant search results always on page one.